Welcome to Anglotopia’s latest website, Top 100 London Attractions, an online guidebook to our favorite attractions in London.

We love London and there’s so much to do these days that it can be hard to decide. So, we’ve put together this website to help you. Think of it as an online guidebook. We’ve hand selected our favorite attractions in London in various categories and given you the key information about them (what it is, pictures, costs, opening times, etc). You can plan your trip to London armed with this information.

Best of all, it’s an interactive guidebook. Everyone can leave a review if they want, along with a star rating. This will help sort the rankings and let the BEST attractions in London get featured at the top of the list. If you don’t like a particular tourist attraction on the list, feel free to leave a review and tell us why.

This living guidebook will become an invaluable resource to people planning a trip to London.