For the travel junkie, the thrill of travel is usually enough to get the adrenaline flowing, but it is always nice to arrive and find out that there is more to a destination than meets the eye. London is just one of those destinations.

Maybe it is time to forget that visit to a  museum, the  London walking tour in the rain and your first pint of warm British beer! Because there is a wide range of things to do in London that will get your heart pumping and your eyes popping!

Take Me To The River

First on your list should be Rib Riding along the river Thames. As others trundle the length of the Thames grasping a glass on wine in one hand and a camera in the other, you will be using both hands to make sure you stay in the fastest and loudest boats on the Thames, for a duck’s eye view of the city.  You will also get to see more of London’s historical sights and buildings in one hour than on any other “more conventional” tour.

Ride a Rib with Thames RIB Experience®

Higher and Higher

London boasts some exceptional buildings and the view from the top of its tallest, The Shard, will surely get your pulse racing. At 309 metres high it can be seen from 40 miles away. From the highest public floor (72), you are seeing London from almost twice the height of any other viewing platform. Go on: see how cool with heights you really are!

All Over Now

Rather than just being restricted to certain areas, as you are on the Shard, it seems you can clamber all over the O2. Originally called the Millennium dome, you can climb up and over this iconic structure on the Southbank of the river Thames in a series of organised experiences. The Sunset Roof climb gives you a great view and a picture certificate for you to treasure.

Up Up and Away

Ever since London was first established on the banks of the Thames in 43 AD, visitors and residents alike have sought ways to cross the river. Soon Londoners will have a Garden Bridge across which to amble as they smell the roses and listen to bridsong, but that is a little sedate for this list! What we need is a cable car that soars up to  90 metres above the river Thames, at which point visitors will have views all across London. The Emirates Air Line is just that cable car! With views reaching as far as the Wembley Stadium Arch, 15 miles away, its one kilometre journey from the Greenwich Peninsular (just south of the afore-mentioned O2) to Excel on the north bank will is likely to be a memorable one.


Back on the ground and London is host to some of the most thrilling theatre in the world. From the world famous Disney’s The Lion King to annual visits from extreme circus troupe, Cirque Du Soleil – and what about Thriller Live – the Michael Jackson tribute musical?

But The Woman in Black wins the prize for being most thrilling. This truly scary play (it was made into a film starring Daniel Radcliffe a few years ago) will have you gripping the edge of your seat right up until the time you jump right out of it!


Talking about lions… if your preference is for the real kind then, just a short way out of central London, Paradise Wildlife Park offers an unforgettable opportunity to actually feed a lion or tiger by hand! With the help of their Big Cat team you can find out all about these amazing beasts and actually get to feed them yourself. Now that is what I call thrilling!

No Particular Place to Go

Lastly, if you find yourself in London at the end of January next year, and you are just starting to get itchy feet again, pop over to the Adventure Travel Show at London’s Olympia, where you can immerse yourself in a whole weekend of adventure travel and uncover a world of extraordinary travel experiences. Show dates are 23-24 January 2016.

You see; even though London has been around for nearly 2000 years, it is still a fresh and exciting city to visit – for even the most extreme thrill seeker!