The Saatchi Gallery located in London’s Duke of York’s Headquarters in Chelsea. The Saatchi Gallery is unique because they feature mostly unknown artists. Most of the work at the Saatchi Gallery could be considered modern art. Most of the works displayed have never been shown before their showing in the Gallery.

The Saatchi Gallery has been open for over twenty five years. The Gallery’s main goal has been to provide a platform for new artists to show their works. Many artists find that other museums and galleries find interest in their works after they’ve been displayed at the Saatchi Gallery.

Very rarely will you find such a collection of new works by unknown artists on this large scale. It is wonderful to see the newer artist get a chance to display their passion and creativity fo all to enjoy. The newest location at the Duk of York’s Headquarters is a beautiful space in itself. We highly recommend taking a stroll through the Saatchi Gallery.