The Royal Observatory Greenwich is where time and history intersect. This historic London attraction is a must see for all. The Prime Meridian is located at the Observatory. They have a brass stip laid into the concrete outside, allowing you to stand on the actual Prime Meridian. This line is where longitude starts, and how we have navigated for almost three hundred years. So much of world history has been influenced by that very spot.

There is also an observatory for watching the skies above London. There are many artifacts and a museum that explains all of the scientific achievements that took place there. One achievement that is a direct result of observing the skies was the foundation of Greenwich Mean Time, setting time zones around the world. While it is no longer known as Greenwich Mean Time, it is now called Universal Time, the concept started from this very spot.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich, is a must see for all. It is a very family friendly attraction and has a lot of other famous London attractions nearby. This is a wonderful place to visit the past and explore the future while in London.