The National Army Museum in London’s Chelsea neighborhood is a wonderful place to visit while in London. This Museum focuses on the British Army, The British Indian ARmy and the British Colonial Army. The Museum shares the long and distinguished history of the British Army. At one time the British ruled much of the world, and it did so by it’s Army.

The exhibits include artifacts from various military campaigns to an exhibit on the experiences of civilians living through various wars and conflicts. All of the exhibits tell a story of a unit or war, allowing you to feel as if you are experiencing these events first hand. They also have celebrity speakers come in and give presentations and lunchtime lectures.

This is a very family friendly museum as well.  There is a Kid’s Zone that allows for soft play for children under the age of eight. As the mother of a toddler, I can really appreciate that. There is also an exhibit dedicated to children showing them what it would have been like to be a Victorian soldier and a World War II evacuee, allowing for interaction and touch along the tour.