This small museum in London is by far one of my favorites as I am fascinated by advertising through out history. The Museum of Brands. Packaging and Advertising is a collection of everyday items that have been collected since Victorian times. The collection boasts over 12,000 items. It is really interesting to see how packaging has evolved over time.

The collection is owned by one man, Robert Opie. He was quoted as saying, ‘When the thousands of pieces of our social history are assembled into some giant jigsaw, the picture becomes clearer as to the remarkable journey we have all come through”  It has been his labor of love to build this unique collection for all to see. The collection includes posters, cereal boxes, and other household items.

This is a truly fascinating museum to see how advertising, branding and packaging have changed over time, and how the consumer has adapted and changed along with their items. I highly recommend this museum as a personal favorite of my own.