The Monument as Londoner’s call it is also known as the Monument to the Great Fire of London. The Monument is a stone column, in the Roman style that was erected to remember the Great Fire of London, which started on September 2, 1666.  You can climb a narrow winding staircase to a viewing platform at the top of the column. The view from the top is spectacular.

The Monument was built of Portland Stone and was designed by the famous Christopher Wren. It is the tallest stone column in the world. The Monument is capped off with a urn of fire. The Monument was built between 1671 and 1677. It stands at the junction of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill. It was built on the site where the fire was believed to have started. It is located on the site of the old St. Margaret’s church, which was supposedly the first church to be distorted by the Great Fire.

This is a very poignant and moving monument to all those who lost their lives in the Great Fire of London. Wether you go to pay your respects or to travel to the top of the column, it is a must see while in London.