Just about every major metropolitan city has an aquarium, London is no exception. The London Aquarium is a must see for those who love to see what is going on with our gilled friends under the water. The Aquarium houses the largest collection of marine life in the United Kingdom, over 500 species. The Aquarium is located on the ground floor of the County Hall building and is wonderfully located on the South bank of the Thames, near the London Eye.

The aquarium offers three floors of entertainment for both young and old. This vast collection of species from around the world is sure to delight you. If you are brave enough you can even snorkel with their sharks!  One could easily spend an afternoon wondering around this beautiful building, walking along side the fish. It is a wonderful attraction when the weather may not be so great as it is indoors. The aquarium is also very family friendly and wheel chair accessible. We highly recommend visting  the London Aquarium  while you are in town. You are sure to see a fish you’ve never seen before.