The Albert Memorial designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, was commissioned by Queen Victoria in honor of her husband, Prince Albert after her death. The love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert is one of the most well known in history. Queen Victoria herself, officially opened the memorial in July of 1872.

The Albert Memorial is located in Kensington Gardens just North of the Royal Albert Hall. The Memorial consists of an ornate altar with a pavilion on top. A seated Prince Albert sits under the pavilion. The Memorial is a truly beautiful sight. It’s building supposedly cost £120,000. to build in 1872, which would roughly work out to cost around £10,000,000 today.

This is perhaps one of the most iconic London landmarks and has stood in that spot for over 150 years. It is a wonderful excuse to take a stroll through the beautiful Kensington Gardens. There are also guided tours that you can take of the Memorial.  We highly recommend going to see this Memorial, from a wife to her beloved husband.