Pollock’s Toy Museum is for the young and young at heart. This London Museum is dedicated solely to toys. The Museum takes it’s famous name from Benjamin Pollock, a famous Victorian toy theater printer. Slowly the museum grew out of a one room attic space that now occupies two adjoining townhouses.

The Museum is spread over six rooms and winds it’s way through the two townhouses. There are toys from all eras and from all over the world. One of my favorite rooms is the fourth room that contains the dollhouses. It amazes me how little some toys have changed over time. I also love the “1900 young girl’s nursery” in room five. Don’t worry, there are boy’s toys there too.

This litte gem of a museum is a lot of fun. We found that it brought out the kid in us while visiting. It is a great place to take children too, as long as they understand that you will be looking and not touching. We highly recommend  touring this lighthearted museum while in London.