Often when looking into taking a tour of London, one must choose between a land tour or a tour on the Thames. The London Duck Tours offer the best of both worlds. The tour starts on land driving past many of London’s famous landmarks, such as Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and The House of Parlament, just to name a few. Once the land portion of the tour is over the trucks or ducks as they are called drive into the Thames river and the tour then becomes a Thames River tour.

This tour really is a lot of fun. The “duck boats” were all used in the D-day invasion, which is another really neat aspect of this tour. Tour guides will narrate the entire tour as well as giving historical information about the boats themselves. There are three tours tot choose from, a James Bond Tour, a D-Day Tour,  and a Classic Sightseeing Tour. Young and old really enjoy this attraction. We highly recommend booking your tickets in advance for the London Duck Tours as they sell out quickly.