The London Canal Museum is located in an old ice  house on the Thames River in London. The building was once used to store large blocks of ice shipped in from Norway. Today however, the building is home to the London Canal Museum. London and England for that matter, is full of canals. They were one of the primary ways of transporting goods around the UK. The museum showcases the long and vibrant history of the canals of England. There is a wonderful film experience which gives a quick and educational course about how the country was formed by the use of its canals. They also have an exhibit about the ice trade, as the building is an old ice house.

This is a really fun museum. As it is not too big you could easily see it in a morning. They also have a wonderful view of the Thames where you can watch the boats float down the river. After visiting the museum, consider taking a walk along the canal walk to Camden Market. It is a really fun walk, and you get to see all of the colorful canal boats.