Classic music lovers should be sure to check out the Handel House Museum located in London’s Mayfair neighborhood. The Handel House Museum is dedicated to the life and works of George Frederic Handel. The Museum is housed where Handel lived from 1723 to 1759.

This quaint museum allows visitors to tour Handel’s home as it would have looked when he lived there. It is amazing to think that some of his best loved operas and classical works were composed and rehearsed in those very rooms. You can literally walk in Handel’s footsteps.

The Museum was opened in 2001. Be sure to see  their two harpsichords  They also have live classical music concerts that you can go see. The museum is situated over two floor and through a series of rooms.

The music lover should be sure to check out this piece of living history. You can be in the very rooms where Handel wrote some of the most famous music of all time. It is wonderful classical experience that shouldn’t be missed, and one that you can only do while in London.