The Guildhall Art Gallery is two attractions in one; London’s official art collection and the ruins of the Roman Amphitheater in London. This art gallery and amphitheater is located in central London. Another plus to this attraction is it’s size, unlike some of the larger galleries, the Guildhall Art Gallery and Amphitheater is relatively smaller.

The art gallery was founded in 1886. It includes several portraits, some dating as far back as 1670, to present day. There is a also a large collection of  Pre-Raphaelite works. The Gallery also has a beautiful collection of art chronicling London’s history, which is a neat way to learn London’s history.

After you have visited the art gallery, why not step into the ruins of London’s Roman Amphitheater? This amphitheater would have once hosted large crowds watching gladiators fight and excitations. This London treasure was not rediscovered until 1988. It is fun to step in the footsteps of the Romans who once ruled London.