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Thrilling Things to Do in London

For the travel junkie, the thrill of travel is usually enough to get the adrenaline flowing, but it is always nice to arrive and find out that there is more to a destination than meets the eye. London is just […]

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News Feature: The Cineworld IMAX

If you’re a movie connoisseur and enjoy feeling like you’re part of the film as opposed to just a spectator, then a trip to London’s Cineworld IMAX is a must. The IMAX experience The IMAX experience combines a powerful digital […]

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Choosing the Right Accommodation in London

London is a perfect destination both for longer holidays as well as weekend getaways. It is one of the biggest cities in Europe and although there are plenty of accommodation options available, finding the right one that fits your needs […]

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Welcome to Top 100 London Attractions

Welcome to Anglotopia’s latest website, Top 100 London Attractions, an online guidebook to our favorite attractions in London. We love London and there’s so much to do these days that it can be hard to decide. So, we’ve put together […]

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About this Site

This website is run by Jonathan & Jackie from and is our guide to the Top 100 Tourist Attractions in the UK. We've based this interactive guidebook on 10 years of travel experience in London. We endeavor to make sure that all in the information here is up to date. If something is amiss, please let us know.